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Still Dealing with MENOPAUSE?
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Let’s face it, our medical system and Obama Care Health Plans are NOT doing us any favors...

Most of America has awakened to the new health paradigm of self-empowerment and research to help heal their ailments naturally. But according to the World Health Organization, Dr. Oz airings and national magazine articles, the age old problem of menopause, crippling so many women (and men), is just not being addressed... Until TODAY!

Wake Up Sense LLC, a nationally recognized online healing and healing website utilizing all natural healing protocols and products, is announcing their All Natural Progesterone Cream for $1.00! Yes, you heard that right!

Our team of scientists, natural hormone doctors and naturopaths are committed to bringing the truth to light when it comes to menopause and so many suffering, but we can’t do that without a VERY large push to educate the market...

At www.wakeupsense.com, we want to become the leader in educational reprogramming of a severely compromised health system.

For $1.00, you can take advantage of not only the Progesterone Cream, and the FREE E-book, but also a lifetime membership to our Tier 1 Health Newsletter, packed with non-mainstream all natural healing aids that you cannot get in your family doctor’s office... Our Goal is simple: We want to be the catalyst to change Health Care Forever!!

What you get:

  1. Bottle of our all natural, Mexican wild yam USP progesterone cream, without dangerous phenoxyethanol (hidden in most other creams!).
  2. Free E-book on balancing hormone levels naturally.
  3. Free Lifetime membership in www.wakeupsense.com Tier 1 Health Newsletter


What do we ask in return for this special offer?

We are simply requesting a review! That’s it. If you are satisfied with the product and the E-book, simply write a review (click on blue link "Customer Reviews" on main Amazon page). 

That’s it, that’s all. If you are not 100% satisfied, you still keep the E-book!

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